The Future Is Logical

Explaining the concept of logical data warehousing and how companies can better access, integrate, and analyze their data.


DataVirtualiy’s Logical Data Warehouse One Pager

Learn more about the benefits of DataVirtuality’s Logical Data Warehouse. Get more insights how to enable instant data integration for digital business and enterprises through automation.

Easy data integration within minutes: DataVirtuality Pipes

Dr. Nick Golovin, CEO & Founder of Data Virtuality, is launching our new product DataVirtuality Pipes. Learn more about how to integrate all your data into your analytical database with Pipes.

You can find further information here.


The complete guide to data integration

This e-book will give you a complete state-of-the-art overview of all data integration approaches.

DataVirtuality and OWOX BI: How to combine data from your website, CRM, ERP and other systems

Dr. Nick Golovin, CEO & Founder of Data Virtuality and Maxim Ostapenko, Product Manager at OWOX, illustrating specific examples of system integrations. 

You can find further information here.

The Revolutionary Solution For Simple Data Integration

Learn more about the benefits of DataVirtuality’s revolutionary solution in terms of data integration and how it acts as a central data hub.

Data Integration With Tableau

Discover and compare various methods of data integration and how these approaches differ. Learn about the potential impact of these methods on a company’s data infrastructure.


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