DataVirtuality + MemSQL: Fast data access and insights for enterprises


Data Virtuality is excited to be the launch partner for the new MemSQL Cloud, the real-time data warehouse as a managed service.  

MemSQL is a real-time data warehouse that ingests streaming data while simultaneously analyzing billions of rows per second in a fast, flexible and secure manner.

As of 14th Jun 2017 MemSQL Cloud is generally available. You can now experience MemSQL as a fully managed cloud service. No maintaining servers or managing a VPC any more.

Integrate MemSQL with Pipes

Integrate MemSQL with DataVirtuality Pipes
Integrate MemSQL with DataVirtuality Pipes


Integrate MemSQL with LDW

Integrate MemSQL with DataVirtuality Logical Data Warehouse
Integrate MemSQL with DataVirtuality Logical Data Warehouse

Build a powerful data infrastructure with DataVirtuality + MemSQL


DataVirtuality provides next generation data integration solutions for organizations seeking a powerful and flexible data infrastructure. Our customers build their data infrastructure based on 3 principles:

1.) One query language (SQL) to work with all company data – no matter if SQL database, APIs, semi-structured data or NoSQL databases

2.) A central place to model data and define the business logic

3.) Store data in a single data warehouse to (I) get high-performance, (II) store and analyze historical data and (III) transform and cleanse data

DataVituality and MemSQL form the foundation of a best-in-breed data infrastructure that checks the box on all 3 principles.

1.) DataVirtuality accesses and moves data from over 150 databases and APIs. Both solutions harness the full power of SQL

2.) DataVirtuality offers a semantic data layer to model data and define business logic

3.) MemSQL is the single data warehouse for storing data in a fast, flexible and secure way:

      a. Fast / Real-time performance – Streaming ingest, low latency queries, high concurrency

      b. Flexible – hybrid and multi-cloud, transactions and analytics

      c. Secure – Comprehensive, deployment consistency, and tenant independent

Once you built your data infrastructure on DataVirtuality and MemSQL Cloud you can use your favorite BI tool to run analytics in a high-performance and adaptive set up.


Get started with your powerful and flexible data infrastructure


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