Leadership Team

Nick Golovin CEO Data Virtuality

Nick Golovin, Ph.D. – CEO

Nick is the founder and CEO of Data Virtuality, the company that is pioneering the Logical Data Warehouse concept. Before starting Data Virtuality, Nick spent more than 10 years doing data integration projects at international scale. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Leipzig, Germany, where his research work was focused on data integration, data warehousing and machine learning.

Data Virtuality CTO Salvatore Raunich

Salvatore Raunich, Ph.D. – CTO

Salvatore is the CTO of Data Virtuality and responsible for the product development and roadmap. Before joining Data Virtuality in 2012, he worked with the WDI Lab at the University of Leipzig, Germany, with main focus on schema and ontology merging. Salvatore received his Ph.D. at the University of Roma Tre, Italy, upon completion of his dissertation “Quality of Mappings for Data Exchange Applications”.

Karsten Beyer COO Data Virtuality

Karsten Beyer – COO

Karsten is the COO of Data Virtuality and responsible for the company's international growth. His passion for company building was formed during his engagement with venture capital- and private equity funds. At the Saxony Technology Founders Fund (TGFS) he executed investments in software and internet start-ups before joining Data Virtuality in 2014.