Data Virtuality is proud to announce the availability of the SAP BusinessObjects Live Connector, which is designed to extend your Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics capabilities by including the power of BusinessObjects from within your logical data warehouse.

BusinessObjects is a suite of Business Intelligence (BI) and data integration tools from SAP, which is known for their Universes of BI objects concept (which abstracts the business logic from the technical details of the underlying data) as well as their Web Intelligence query and visualization toolset.

These SAP BusinessObjects tools work well together within the BusinessObjects environment and they help companies explore, report and visualize information within the traditional enterprise ecosystem, but without being able to connect  to some of the modern data sources including cloud systems, unstructured data, etc. BusinessObjects results can lack overall context and relevance, potentially missing out on valuable business insights.

Another challenge with BusinessObjects is that its semantic layer stays closed to modern self-service BI tools like Tableau, Qlik and many others.

The Data Virtuality Live Connector for BusinessObjects makes it easy to connect to objects defined within SAP Universes in minutes. And it provides interactive and secure access to the data stored in BusinessObjects without the need to extract, copy or move the data. Once the connector is set up, you can freely join and integrate data from BusinessObjects with the information available within your Data Virtuality Logical Data Warehouse.

By leveraging the strategic aspects of BusinessObjects and the capabilities of Data Virtuality, you have full visibility over information throughout your organization and you can connect with any query tool you like in order to view, analyze and report on that data.

Once connected, users will get an easy-to-use, fast and interactive experience accessing the massive volumes of data available in your Logical Data Warehouse, Data Store DSOs, InfoCubes, and queries.


Data Virtuality Blog SAP Business Objects Archtiectural Graphic


To further extend the combined capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects and Data Virtuality it is possible to represent your SAP BusinessObjects Universe within the semantic layer of Data Virtuality for a seamless all-encompassing view of information throughout your organization.

In cases where existing SAP Universes are overly large or complex and have become unwieldy for analysts, applying further abstraction within the Data Virtuality platform empowers end users by creating targeted semantic views that present just the data they need in a manner that is easy to access and understand.  Data Virtuality also provides the ability to pass parameters to SAP when virtualizing the underlying objects to enable analysts to pare down result sets to improve performance and agility.

This is a key capability considering that without it, attempting to target a specific area of interest or subset of data within the BusinessObjects Universe, may lead to querying a large and potentially unmanageable data set, thereby causing delays, timeouts, and frustration for analysts.

Virtualizing SAP BusinessObjects from within your Data Virtuality Logical Data Warehouse simplifies and streamlines the process of exploring and visualizing data by enabling the use of popular BI, visualization, and advanced analytics tools, which untethers you from the use of the SAP BusinessObjects tool.

Although the SAP BusinessObjects BI tool works well when viewing data within the SAP Universes, third party self-service visualization and analytics tools such as Tableau, or Looker, pair exceptionally well with Data Virtuality due to the efficient and performant capabilities of Data Virtuality’s scalable semantic layer and flexible data integration, and eliminates the need for creating extracts or file copies that can slow down progress.

Data Virtuality makes it a top priority to continue to expand the breadth and depth of available connectors to enable the building of a comprehensive logical data warehouse, thereby providing maximum value to your organization based on the unique capabilities of the Data Virtuality platform.


If you would like to see the Live Connector for SAP BusinessObjects in action,  click here to request a demo.