Modular Connectors: Fast & Easy Data Querying Without Manual SQL Coding

Welcome back …

To the third, and unfortunately also last, part of our mini-series

Data Virtuality Logical Data Warehouse 2.1 – What’s New?”

which is all about introducing the key features of the latest version of our full-stack data integration solution, the Logical Data Warehouse (LDW).

Previously, we looked at the Data Virtuality Web Client (DV Web Client), a one stop data shop and metadata catalog for business users.

The DV Web client enables all business users (depending on their permissions) to search metadata and query SQL from the web browser without using the DV Studio.

  • Inspect available data sources and their contents
  • Create simple or advanced SQL statements
  • Generate SQL queries directly from the data source
  • Download results as .cs-files to process further and/or import into e.g. Excel

In the second post, we then moved on to the Data Virtuality Sync Tool (DV Synch Tool) which enables technical users (i.e. IT, BI developers, and data engineers) to easily optimize and edit your data models to accommodate different BI projects.  

The Data Virtuality Sync Tool synchronizes data model changes between multiple LDW instances (staging/development and production).

  • Work with multiple instances (procedures, jobs/schemas, views etc.)
  • No manual synchronization necessary: automatically transfer your data model changes to the production instance
  • Compare instances and identify changes

This time, it’s all about Modular Connectors which make querying important data a walk in the park for business users.

Introducing the Future of Data Extraction

But what are Modular Connectors? How do they work? And, most importantly, how do you get them?

Modular Connectors are smart, easy-to-deploy connectors that contain both business logic as well as replication logic. Modular Connectors provide templates that cover most of the use cases working with APIs. With Modular Connectors you can:

  • Connect data sources without using an editor
  • Immediately query important data/insights
  • Create statements/procedures to connect to modular connectors
  • Drastically reduce the workflow of getting business relevant data out of the source system

Last question first: To get the Modular Connectors, you first need to get the newest version (2.1) of our Data Virtuality Logical Data Warehouse. Once you have the LDW 2.1 installed, you can find a list of connectors that are available as Modular Connectors in your DV Studio.

  1. Go into the list of connectors and pick the connector you want (e.g. Facebook or  Amazon MWS).
  2. Paste the name of the connector into the installation script generator and execute the command.
  3. Copy the code that is returned, enter or paste the credentials in the placeholder fields, and get the new schema with all the procedures.

And with these three simple steps, you’re good to go!

For a full list of all modular connectors to choose from just contact us at

The Benefits of Modular Connectors at a Glance

Our Modular Connectors come with smart, in-built templates which contain the prepackaged logic of how to extract meaningful data from different data sources in little to no time.

All you have to do is choose the templates you need and specify at which time they have to be loaded. The system will then automatically load the data into the database and incrementally replicate it.

The result: you get all the data you need with the respective meta descriptions in just a few clicks. No manual querying or writing clunky SQL scripts required! Querying data has never been easier!

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo with our experts and get your LDW 2.1 with Modular Connectors today!