Data Virtuality is fully compliant with the GDPR


The European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a huge step towards protecting the personal data of individuals - and it affects every business. GDPR has set a new bar globally for privacy rights, security and compliance.

At Data Virtuality GmbH, we believe that privacy in general, and the strong protection of sensitive data in particular, is a fundamental right. Putting this belief into immediate action, we’ve handled privacy rights very carefully from the beginning - and long before the GDPR came into effect. The GDPR has only confirmed our policy regarding data protection.

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU. The GDPR primarily aims to give control to individuals over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international businesses by unifying the regulation within the EU. It was adopted on April 14th, 2016 and became effective on May 25th, 2018. Given the significant changes that some organizations would need to make in order to align with the regulation, a two-year transition period was given.

Organizations do not have any grace period from regulators beyond May 25th, 2018. GDPR extends the scope of EU data protection law to all foreign companies processing data of EU residents. It provides harmonization of the data protection regulations throughout the EU, thereby making it easier for non-European companies to comply with these regulations. The GDPR also brings a new set of digital right for EU citizens in an age of soaring volume and economic value of personal data.

What has changed under the GDPR?

The regulation updates and modernizes the data protection directive to guarantee privacy rights. The EU regulation mainly focuses on:

  • Reinforcing individuals rights;
  • Strengthening the EU internal market;
  • Ensuring stronger enforcement of the rules;
  • Streamlining international transfers of personal data and;
  • Setting global data protection standards.

Benefits for businesses

The reform provides clarity and consistency for the business that the rules are applied, and that enabled them to improve their workflows. The ultimate goal will be to  regain the trust of the consumer in order to to fully seize the opportunities in the digital market. According to some estimates, the value of European citizen’s personal data has the potential to grow to nearly 1 trillion EUR annually by 2020. By strengthening Europe’s high standards of data protection, lawmakers are creating business opportunities. The data protection reform package helps the digital single market realize these potentials through:

  • One continent, one law: a single, pan-European law for data protection, replacing the current inconsistent patchwork of national laws. Companies deal with one law, not 28;
  • One stop-shop: companies only have to deal with one single supervisory authority, not 28, making it simpler and cheaper for companies to do business in the EU;
  • The same rules for all companies - regardless of their head office’s location: Today European companies have to adhere to stricter standards than companies established outside the EU but also doing business in our European market. With the reform, companies based outside of the EU will have to apply the same standards when they offer services or products on the EU market. This sets a new level in the playing field;
  • Technological neutrality: the regulation enables innovation to continue to thrive under the new rules.

Benefits for individuals

The reform provides tools for gaining and - more importantly - strengthening control of one’s personal data, the protection of which is a fundamental right in the European Union. That means not only easier access to one’s data but also the right to know when one’s data has been hackled. The new rules address these concerns through:

  • A right to be forgotten;
  • Easier access to one’s data;
  • The right to know when one’s data has been hacked;
  • Data protect by design and by default.

Regulatory penalties

Over the past several decades, European privacy laws have generally not included significant fines for breaches. That has changed dramatically under the GDPR. Now, not only do companies face the risk of being given huge fines to pay for serious compliance infringements. They are also faced with the, almost more severe, danger to their reputations, like the Facebook data scandal which occured recently. The maximum fine for serious infringements will be greater than 20 million EUR or 4% of an organization's annual global revenue.

Data Virtuality is fully compliant with the GDPR

We worked hard with experts like procado - consulting, IT & medien service GmbH in order to achieve excellence in terms of  data protection. We created ADVs which were signed from our European and non-European customers in terms of the GDPR compliance. Our customers, partners, employees, and everybody else who’s in contact with us can always execute their rights to access, revise, delete, and restrict the processing of their personal data. We also signed agreements with platforms where our solutions are offered, for example AWS, to ensure that they are also fully GDPR compliant.  So, if you are in need of a data integration solution and your business is processing any kind of data within the EU, we’ve got you covered!

Our commitment to data privacy comes very naturally to us because the protection of privacy rights is firmly imprinted in Data Virtuality’s DNA. All the work we have done with respect to data protection over the  years has made it easy for us to be GDPR compliant. We just optimized our workflows according to the new data protection compliance regulations, not only internally for our employees but also externally for our customers and partners. This is reflected in our modified  privacy policy and general terms and conditions.

About Data Virtuality GmbH

Our mission is helping your business to connect and manage data effectively and efficiently by providing a single source of data truth platform.

Ever since Data Virtuality was established, we have made our decisions around four market trends:

  • Business requirements to change quicker;
  • Data variety is increasing;
  • Everyone in a company expects end-consumer-like usability;
  • SaaS will take over any aspect.

There are currently two mainstream solutions in the market: most companies try to move their data and the others use data virtualization tools. However, both approaches used separately, fail. In our long standing R&D and market experience, we discovered that the success lies in the combination, namely data centralization!

DataVirtuality is an inventive software company that enables data advocates to instantly centralize their data through a combination of data virtualization and data movement.

This is DataVirtuality. This is how we make you the data champion of your company!

Data Virtuality develops and distributes the software DataVirtuality, which affords companies an especially simple means of integrating and connecting a variety of data and applications. The solution is revolutionizing the technological concept of data virtualization and generates a data warehouse consisting of relational and non-relational data sources in just a few days. By using integrated connectors, the data can be immediately processed in analysis, planning or statistics tools or written back to source systems as needed. The data warehouse also automatically adjusts to changes in the IT landscape and user behavior, which lends companies using DataVirtuality the highest possible degree of flexibility and swiftness with minimum administrative overhead. Founded in 2012, prior 8 years of research, by Dr. Nick Golovin, with offices in Leipzig, Frankfurt am Main and San Francisco, the company originated from a research initiative of the chair of information technology at the university of Leipzig and is financed by Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS) and High Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF). In addition, Data Virtuality was honored vendor for Gartner in 2016 and for Forrester Research Inc., in 2017.

Data Virtuality’s data integration solutions enable detailed insights from real time and historical data with any BI tool. By combining data virtualization with an automated ETL engine, customers benefit from reducing their data integration effort by 80% and enabling companies to focus on their core business. It provides agile data integration for data champions.

DataVirtuality Logical Data Warehouse

DataVirtuality’s Logical Data Warehouse solves a major challenge of today’s organizations across all industries: faced with an ever-increasing variety of data and cloud services, businesses are struggling to perform detailed analyses and gain insights from real-time and persisted data.

DataVirtuality Logical Data Warehouse marries two distinct technologies to create an entirely new manner of integrating data. Combining data virtualization and next generation ETL enables an agile data infrastructure with high performance.

It connects all data sources with any business intelligence or analytics tool. The software accesses, manages and integrates any database and cloud service. By combining data virtualization and ETL processes, Data Virtuality is the only solution that both enables and accelerates complex analyses highly flexible and with a minimum effort. And all that just by using only one programming language-SQL.



  • 100% project success rate;
  • One programming language-SQL;
  • Complete set up in just 1 day;
  • Agile data infrastructure;
  • Live-data;
  • Query data;
  • Write data.

Find out more about DataVirtuality Logical Data Warehouse under the following link:

DataVirtuality Pipes and Pipes Professional

Pipes Is a cloud based data integration solution that empowers your business intelligence tools with data that matters. With Pipes, you can integrate data from several databases and APIs to any data warehouse in just 5 minutes. No coding or maintenance of APIs is required.


is a self-service data pipeline solution with more that 50 pre-built connectors.

Pipes Professional:

is a managed data pipeline solution with more that 150 pre-built connectors.



  • Quick set up;
  • Built for big data;
  • Secure connection;
  • EU and US hosting;
  • No coding is required;
  • Pre-built templates;
  • Access raw data.
  • Managed schema;
  • Full control.

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what are you waiting for? We’ve got your back! Start using your data in a GDPR compliant way as soon as possible with the next generation solutions provided by Data Virtuality.

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