Query everything in SQL

DataVirtuality gives you instant access to connected data sources and displays all data in a relational format query-able with SQL.

How we connect to your data sources

Learn how to connect to data sources and how data is represented with our demo connectors for MySQL, Google Analytics and a currency exchange API.

Learn how to connect to any database. MySQL serves as the demo database in this video.

Learn how to connect to any cloud service. Google Analytics serves as the demo cloud service in this video.

Access data and schedule updates from any API using DataVirtuality’s CSV or XML/JSON query builder. DataVirtuality automatically applies a relational structure and enables you to modify the output format with a few clicks. Easily add data from web services to your data model by creating views.

Connector features

150+ connectors

Select from over 150 pre-build connectors. Connect to any database, web services, files (XML, CSV, etc.), API and integrate data into an analytical database.

Connect in 5 minutes

DataVirtuality is providing a simple wizard to type in your data source credentials to establish a connection. It only takes minutes and you see your data in a SQL query-able tables instantly after.

SQL Transformation

Query connected data sources with SQL. Query, join and integrate data from Google Analytics, Salesforce, Oracle, MySQL and many more data sources using SQL commands. 

Read and write data

Read and write data from connected data sources. Integrate data into an analytical database and write data back to data sources based on triggers.

Web service query builder

Can't find the connector to your web service? No problem. Build your own connectors to web services with drag and drop style in minutes.