Integrate R with any database and BI tool

Connect to R and other databases, cloud services and analytics tools in minutes without writing code. Join and query live data from R with data from other databases using SQL commands.

Read and write R data

Integrate R data into any BI tool

Integrate data from R and more than 150 other databases, cloud services, files (XML, CSV, etc.) and API’s to any modern BI tool like Tableau or Looker. Analyze R data with any other data in your organization.

Access and visualize external data with R

Integrate data from more than 150 databases, cloud services, files (XML, CSV, etc.), API’s to R and use R programming language to analyze data.

How to set up a live-connection to R

Why DataVirtuality?

Connect to R in 5 minutes

Simply fill out the parameters in the wizard to connect and access data from the connected data source. No coding required.

Live data

Use live data when operating R and other BI tools. No need to extract and import data first.

More than 150 connectors

Integrate data from more than 150 databases, cloud services, files (XML, CSV, etc.) and API’s.

Query data in SQL

Query all your data sources with SQL. No matter if noSQL databases, cloud services, CSV or XML files.

About R

R is a free software tool for statistical computing and graphics. It is one of the most used statistical software packages among researchers and statisticians providing more than 4,000 specialized packages. R enables its users to do 3 things: data manipulation, data analysis and data visualization.

About DataVirtuality

DataVirtuality connects to R and more than 150 other databases and cloud services. All connected data sources can be directly queried with SQL and data can be exchanged and moved between the data sources. DataVirtuality can query data from R live and also pass parameters to R scripts.

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