With a new analytical platform connecting 20+ data sources, Albelli gained trust in their data and transformed to a data-driven company.

About Albelli

Albelli B.V. has operated as an e-commerce company since 2003. They started selling photo books in the Netherlands where they are the market leader and soon expanded into other markets and broadened their portfolio to include other products such as wall art, cards and calendars. With customer centricity at the core, they are driven by quality, creativity, innovation, development, and providing the best customer experience anytime, anywhere.

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  • It took very long to build an ETL pipeline for a modern data source like a Rest API
  • Online Marketing team spent a lot of time to manually copy and paste data from the sources to Excel
  • Complete view of the performance was only available once a week


  • Built a completely new analytical platform with Data Virtuality, AWS Redshift, and Looker in 1-2 days
  • Quickly connected a few data sources with the LDW and created jobs to extract and load data in the data warehouse
  • A Data Platform team was created to become even more data-driven


  • All teams have easier access to data and gained trust in the data provided
  • Whole company has become data-driven and uses data now to do analysis and create dashboards
  • Changes can be implemented more quickly and easily

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Start your data journey with the
Data Virtuality Platform

Instant setup. No credit card needed.