Avenso (Lumas & Whitewall)

By centralizing the data and building a single source of truth platform, Avenso eliminated the bottleneck of data access for the BI team.

About Avenso

Avenso GmbH operates an art gallery network and online retail for photographic art. Founded in 1999 and based in Berlin, Germany, the company has set out to democratize the art market. Avenso unites two brands in its business – LUMAS and WhiteWhall, both located in Berlin. As an ecommerce business that offers custom-made products in gallery quality as well as a range of online services for high-end photo processing, Avenso depends on current and clean data that is available at all times. Indeed, every department, or roughly 80% of the company, works with data every day.

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  • A lot of data in disparate data sources that was manually gathered, cleansed, and consolidated in Excel
  • Significant bottleneck as data access depended on the BI team
  • Also, access to different data sets was restricted


  • Centralized the data and built a single source of truth platform for reporting and other usages with Data Virtuality
  • Most of the business reports have been automated
  • Setting up the first basic reporting process including the traditional business KPIs only took 6 weeks


  • Time to get a data set was reduced by more than 90% – from two hours to less than 5 minute
  • Significantly reduced the time to get the data and use it in their BI tools, such as Tableau, for analysis and reportings
  • All accessible data are thoroughly and efficiently validated, cleansed, and standardized by the BI team - improving data governance

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