Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

Crédit Agricole transformed their EDW into a data platform and enabled self-service initiatives and faster time-to-market.

About Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

With an outstanding portfolio of more than €1.7 billion, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance Netherlands B.V. (CA CF NL) are the largest financing company in the Netherlands. As a major historic player in the consumer credit market, CA CF offers its customers and partners financing solutions that are flexible, responsible and tailored to their needs. CA CF are part of the French multinational Crédit Agricole S.A. Crédit Agricole is the market leader in France and one of the largest banks in Europe providing services to more than 52 million customers. 

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  • Very complex and aging enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and ETL processes
  • Long time-to-market, independent business initiatives, and no trust in the data
  • Very specialized people were needed to run the system


  • Built a data platform with a virtual layer on top of the existing infrastructure with Data Virtuality
  • Data in EDW is cleansed, enriched, and adapted with business naming conventions
  • Data materialization is used for high performance and historization


  • Sales dashboards which were requested a couple of years prior could already be delivered during the PoC process
  • Organizational output could be increased by more than tenfold
  • Costs could be cut by 80% through increased efficiency and by saving specialized staff

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