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We had the pleasure of hosting a virtual fireside chat with Michele Goetz, a Forrester analyst and expert in the field of data management. Building on this insightful discussion, we’re excited to continue the conversation with our new Q&A Paper on Data Mesh.

Data Mesh is a revolutionary socio-technical approach to data management that challenges traditional monolithic architectures with a decentralized model. By making data more usable and accessible throughout an organization, Data Mesh promises to overcome the bottlenecks associated with centralized data management solutions like data lakes, and bridge the gap between business needs and technology.

At the core of Data Mesh are several key principles, including a shift in mindset from viewing data as a treasured asset to treating it as a product that’s meant to be used. Other important principles include decentralization and distribution of responsibility to the domains, the use of platforms that enable self-service for domains with data integration and management capabilities, and the implementation of federated computational governance.

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