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Demystifying Data Mesh

These days, everybody seems to be talking about Data Mesh – a socio-technical data management paradigm. In our Data Mesh webinar we’ll look at how it challenges the traditional monolithic data architectures with a decentralizing approach to ultimately make data usable in companies. By shifting the mindset from data as a treasured asset to a product that is used, Data Mesh promises to solve the bottlenecks of a centralized data management architecture (such as data lakes). The ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between business needs and technology.

What is Data Mesh?

Data Mesh is a socio-technical data management paradigm proposed by Zhamak Dehghani. It challenges the traditional monolithic data architectures that were rather technology-focused with a business-centric decentralizing approach to ultimately make the data usable in companies. Data Mesh confronts the current enterprise data architecture to:

  • make a large number of sources fully manageable
  • enable a diverse set of consumers

Zhamak Dehghani who coined Data Mesh defines this concept as follows: “A data mesh considers domains as a first-class concern, applies platform thinking to create self-serve data infrastructure, treats data as a product, and introduces a federated and computational model of data governance.

The Data Mesh Webinar is Structured in Three Parts:

  1. What is actually in it for you, and what is just hype?
  2. What is the role of AI, and what are the key factors that need to be considered?
  3. Finally, we will provide an outlook on what might come after Data Mesh.

If you are interested in in finding out more about Data Mesh you can also check out our blogpost on the topic.

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