Reengineering Data Virtualization

Combining caching and replication

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When it comes to data virtualization, concerns are often raised about its impact on data sources, scalability, and the lack of capabilities for data management. While many data virtualization providers attempt to address these concerns with caching, this is only a partial solution. To fully address these concerns, a combination of caching and data replication is needed.

Using both caching and data replication together can provide a robust solution to the challenges of data virtualization. By using caching for frequently accessed data and data replication for less frequently accessed data or for data that requires additional management capabilities, organizations can take advantage of the benefits of both technologies while mitigating their limitations.

In this whitepaper, we delve into the benefits of using a combination of caching and data replication for data virtualization. We will explore how this approach can address the concerns mentioned above and provide a more comprehensive solution than using either technology alone. By adopting this approach, organizations can enjoy improved performance, scalability, and data management capabilities.

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