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Data Virtuality Platform SaaS

Data Virtuality Platform SaaS

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With the increasing popularity of cloud computing offers, the different *aaS models have become blurrier, partially even misused by vendors – creating confusion.

With the launch of our new Data Virtuality Platform SaaS we decided to put together this content piece in order to:

  • Establish a common ground of what the different models mean
  • Provide insights into what is in it for you – so what are the advantages and disadvantages of the different models
  • Help you understand if the Data Virtuality Platform SaaS might be the right solution for you

The new Data Virtuality Platform SaaS offering helps your data teams reduce the complexity of implementing, operating, and maintaining data virtualization. Thereby, time-to-market is shortened from days or weeks to minutes and your data users are enabled to share the data, model it, and build valuable data products.

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