Data Virtuality for Financial Services

Enable a flexible data supply chain

Quickly advancing digital technologies and stricter regulatory requirements such as BCBS 239, SFTR, Solvency II, and GDPR have created the need for an increasingly intricate data management environment for financial institutions. Legacy best practices implemented for financial firms are typically outdated and can’t meet the increasingly demanding requirements from business and regulations.

The Challenges

  • Aging and complex IT infrastructure that cannot quickly adopt to new and changing business use cases
  • Complex systems that can only be operated by expensive professionals
  • Integration and maintenance of legacy technologies and data silos
  • Missing data integration capabilities to digital sources
  • Data quality problems and errors

The Solution

The Data Virtuality Platform uniquely combines automated ETL and data virtualization and thereby creates a central data management layer which enables

  1. central data access from disparate sources,
  2. a unified data modeling layer for the data team, and
  3. data replication capabilities like data historization, master data management and CDC.

Paired with further data management features, it ensures high data quality as well as security, shorter time-to-market cycles (up to 80%) and higher productivity.

Your Key Benefits and Features

  • Single source of truth for all data consumers, from data scientists to business users
  • Central data governance and data security layer enabling transparency, accountability, and auditability
  • Unparalleled connectivity, easy integration, and data lineage capabilities to meet the ever increasing regulatory requirements
  • Upgrade the existing data environment to also drive digital use cases
  • Easy integration of different cloud platforms (also with on-premises solutions) in compliance with data protection and security regulations
  • Data-/Metadata catalog with a true self-service data shop, particularly convenient for business users

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