"Data Virtuality is so easy to use that even our business analysts can use it and get the data whenever they need it. Before Data Virtuality only our developers could use the tool and the business analysts had to wait. Now that the developers as well as business analysts can use the solution, we are not only more efficient but were able to cut cost by 80%!"

Fred Dunant, DMO Manager at Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

"With Data Virtuality, we are very flexible and scalable now! We can easily unlock new data sources, quickly implement changes, and get comprehensive insights of different parts of our business. The whole company became so data driven that although the processes are faster, we're busier than before. The demand for data has risen - exponentially it seems."

Sjors Takes, Lead Data Solutions Architect at Albelli

"We have been able to cut our development time by 80% which allowed us to spend more time on solving business problems and less time on the actual technical implementation."

Carly Kaufman, Manager of Data Services / Craftsy

"Using DataVirtuality is like you have just one big database. Every API is just one big table and you can query all the data you want."

Ivo Fritzsche, Senior Manager Business Intelligence / Juniqe

"We have significantly improved our data management, the quality of our data, and freed up time for ourselves: Now, we can focus on building smarter algorithms, enhancing our evaluations, and improving the decision-making process."

Jochen Missel, CMO / ePetworld

"DataVirtuality gives us what we need: The ability to address all data sources with one language (SQL) combined within one tool."

Wytze Kempenaar, Head of BI / Apologistics GmbH

"With DataVirtuality we have access to a variety of connectors, which we don’t have to develop by ourselves. Thus, we have a very fast agile and adaptable basis."

Bastian Kneissl, CEO / Mapcase Media GmbH

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Client: With an outstanding portfolio of more than €2.2 billion, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance Netherlands B.V. (CA CF NL) are the largest financing company in the Netherlands.
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