Customer Interview: Albelli


How Albelli gained comprehensive business insights by unlocking 20+ data sources with Data Virtuality.

About the Video

`With Data Virtuality, we are very flexible and scalable now! We can easily unlock new data sources, quickly implement changes, and get comprehensive insights of different parts of our business. The whole company became so data driven that although the processes are faster, we're busier than before. The demand for data has risen - exponentially it seems.`

Sjors Takes, Lead Data Solutions Architect, Albelli

What you will learn

  • What are the major challenges that Albelli face with regards to understanding their customers
  • How Data Virtuality helps Albelli to gain a 360 degree view on their customers
  • How Data Virtuality supports Albelli to explore new possibilites with data
  • How Data Virtuality helps Albelli to automize data workflows and increase efficiency

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