Customer Interview: Crédit Agricole


Learn how the BI of Crédit Agricole moved to the center of the organization.

About the Video

`Data Virtuality is so easy to use that even our business analysts can use it and get the data whenever they need it. Before Data Virtuality only our developers could use the tool and the business analysts had to wait. Now that the developers as well as business analysts can use the solution, we are not only more efficient but were able to cut cost by 80%!`

Fred Dunant,DMO Manager, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

What you will learn

  • What are the major challenges that Crédit Agricole faced with regards to their compex systems
  • How Data Virtuality helps Crédit Agricole to gain a much faster time to market
  • How Data Virtuality supports Crédit Agricole to be more dynamic and flexible with data
  • How Data Virtuality helps Crédit Agricole to automize data workflows and increase efficiency

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