Customer Interview: Renew Financial


Learn how Renew Financial built the foundation of their self-service BI initiative with Data Virtuality

About the Video

'Having Data Virtuality in place for over a year, we feel that it is the data foundation to help the company leverage the data assets. It is the last piece of the puzzle in solving all of our data challenges. With Data Virtuality, our BI department became a flexible one stop shop for everything data and more. The other teams at Renew Financial know that they can rely on us delivering the right data in a very fast development time, five times faster to be precise.'

Mai Doan, Senior BI Manager, Renew Financial

What you will learn

  • How Data Virtuality helped Renew Financial to decrease their development time by 80% and thus increase their time-to-market
  • How the BI department of Renew Financial can now respond quickly and flexibly to complex requests
  • How Data Virtuality became the foundation for Renew Financial's self-service BI model and how they are now able to leverage their full data assets
  • How the BI department of Renew Financial transformed into a one stop shop for all things data and more

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