Customer Interview: Swanson Health


Learn how Swanson Health Unlocked 10+ Data Sources & Increased Their Data Delivery Speed

About the Video

'Data Virtuality has made the data analytics team so much more efficient and effective. It allows us to do more than we could have done with any other kind of technology. I wish I would have been aware of data virtualization and specifically Data Virtuality years ago. Because of its capability it makes my life so much easier.'

Frank Noordover, Director of Data Management, Swanson Health Products

What you will learn

  • How Data Virtuality helped Swanson Health to overcome two key challenges with data: accessibility and velocity
  • How Data Virtuality enabled Swanson Health to break down data their data silos (10+ source systems)
  • How Swanson Health improved their Self-Service BI initiative with data virtualization
  • What the analytics team of Swanson Health is able to deliver with their new data management approach

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