Data Virtuality’s Data Champions on Tour: Tableau Conference 2018

Wow, time flies! It’s been almost three weeks already since our Data Champions Amber, Aaron and Phil attended the 2018 Tableau Conference – ubiquitously known as #TC18 – in New Orleans.

So it’s a good time to do a quick catch up and look back on a week of data, Tableau, networking, great insights – and did we mention data?

As 17,000 data enthusiasts descended on the Ernest N. Morial Convention Centre in New Orleans, #TC18 represented an amazing experience for the global data community, emotionally, interpersonally and educationally. And what a beautiful city to host such a celebration of all things data!

Our Data Champions connected with industry leaders in data and technology as well as Tableau experts to expand ideas, put their knowledge and skills to the test, learn from the best – and be inspired for the future.

Key learning #1:

Data is here to stay. In the gold rush that is data driven, we are right on the verge of very exciting times. If we continue to participate is this event, it will be interesting to see what new jobs and technologies are created as a result of the data era.

It was super busy at our booth with everyone coming on to get some swag, but lots of fun to meet so many new people and talk about our products.

Key learning #2:

Bring more swag next year!

It was also a great way to get exposure to different industries, learn what the most pressing challenges are, and showing prospective customers how they can overcome these challenges with our solutions. Wherever the data shoe pinches, Data Virtuality is here to help and support you!

Key learning #3:

The government and healthcare sector are gaining momentum in the digital transformation. So they need a strong partner, like Data Virtuality, enables them to effectively harness their data.

After our experience at #TC18 our team is empowered with new knowledge and a clearer understanding of the challenges businesses struggle with to propel Data Virtuality to the front of the industry.

Thank you Tableau for this great experience. See you in Vegas next November!

Couldn’t make it to this years Tableau conference or just want to transport yourself back to the Big Easy? Catch what you missed at #TC18 and keep the learning going with highlight videos and full on-demand session recordings:!