The Embedded ETL Connector Platform

Enrich your product, services or applications through data integration and transformation in one single platform.

The Embedded ETL Connector Platform

Pipes Embedded provides a programmatically embeddable platform for data integration from any data source and transformation in SQL. This way, you can solely focus on the development and improvement of your own product, applications or services. Leave the complex ETL process to us! We take care of the maintenance work in the background such as connector updates when the source system’s API changes.

Embedded ETL
Pipes Embedded allows you to manage the ETL process with our API

Load / Use

Load the ready-for-use data into your target storage or use the data directly from the Data Virtuality Engine in real-time


Transform the data with SQL according to your requirements


Extract the data into the Data Virtuality Engine


Highly Customizable Data Pipelines
Pipes Embedded enables you to customize your embedded data pipelines in detail to your specific needs with features like custom extraction definitions, job dependencies and advanced scheduling.
Full Maintenance and First Class Support
We assure everything runs smoothly at any time so you can fully focus on developing your core product, applications or services instead of complex integrations. Our experts support you from the first setup to the optimization of the running pipelines.
Omnilingual with SQL
With the SQL data modelling layer in Pipes Embedded, you can easily transform data and build data models on the fly.
Hosted in the Cloud or On-Premises
Depending on your requirements, we offer different hosting options: Cloud hosting (hosted by us for you), private cloud hosting, on-premises hosting



  • SQL Modelling Layer
  • Complex Replication Types
  • Advanced Jobs & Schedules
  • API access
  • Custom Extraction Definitions
  • Job Dependencies
  • Multiple Target Storages
  • Metadata Repositories
  • Custom Job Triggers

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