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The DataVirtuality advantage

Agile data integration for data champions

According to Gartner the majority of data warehouse projects fail. Current data integration approaches using classical Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes fail to deliver results due to their inability to meet modern data infrastructure requirements.

Projects with classical ETL based data integration


project failure rate

6-9 months development cycles
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Inflexible to changes
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No live-data
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Projects with DataVirtuality Logical Data Warehouse


project success rate

Complete set up in 1 day
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Agile data infrastructure
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DataVirtuality Logical Data Warehouse marries two distinct technologies to create an entirely new manner of integrating data. Combining data virtualization and next generation ETL enables for the first time in history an agile data infrastructures with high performance.


Connect all your data sources, target storages and BI tools. Manage the flow of your data across all systems using SQL.

DataVirtuality is a java-based software solution that connects to your data sources, target storages and BI tools managing the flow of data between the systems. DataVirtuality Server can be deployed on-premise and in the cloud.

datavirtuality connects different data sources

Integrate data from more than 100 data sources. Connect to JDBC, ODBC, RestAPI, SOAP, XML, JSON and CSV. DataVirtuality’s virtualization engine enables to query and join live-data in SQL from any connected data source.

datavirtuality connects different data sources

Use any target storage to speed up your queries by extracting data from DataVirtuality’s virtual layer. Using next generation ETL, DataVirtuality builts fully automated ETL tracks to load data into your target storage.

datavirtuality connects different data sources

Connect your favorite Business Intelligence tools to DataVirtuality using JDBC or ODBC. DataVirtuality acts as a database for your BI tools providing a unified data layer of all connected data sources.

datavirtuality connects different data sources

Matthias Korn (Head of Solution Engineering @DataVirtuality) explaining DataVirtuality's next generation data warehouse architecture.


Select from over more than 150 connectors. Access your data in 5min.

Quickly connect to your data sources and API’s using DataVirtuality connectors. Simply fill out the parameters in the wizard and access the data on the connected data source in only 5 minutes.

data input mask from datavirtuality

DataVirtuality transforms connected data sources and API’s to SQL tables. Join and query all data from connected data source using SQL.

listed data

Matthias Korn (Head of Solution Engineering @DataVirtuality) explaining how to connect to data sources using DataVirtuality.


Retrieve live-data from your Business Intelligence tools. DataVirtuality enables you to query data from multiple analytics tools to build your reports in BI tools like Tableau or Looker.

Connect to Business Objects through an easy to use wizard in 5 minutes. Instantly see all definitions of tables. Join and query live-data with other connected data sources. Use your favourite BI tools like Tableau or Looker to query data from Business Objects through DataVirtuality.

Connect to R through an easy to use wizard in 5 minutes. R can be connected DataVirtuality as a front-end and/or data source. Supported procedures include assign and eval.

Connect to Splunk through an easy to use wizard in 5 minutes. Instantly access all views created in Splunk. Query and join data from Splunk with any other data within your organization.

Connect to SAS with a few clicks in 5 minutes. Instantly see all definitions of tables. Join and query live-data with other connected data sources. Use your favourite BI tools like Tableau or Looker to query data from SAS through DataVirtuality.


Build an agile and scalable data infrastructure using DataVirtuality's powerful features.

query data with data virtuality
Query data

DataVirtuality puts one virtual layer around connected data sources enabling users to query real-time data. Perform joins across multiple data sources on the fly.

write data with data virtuality
Write data

With the ability to write to connected data sources DataVirtuality Server enables you to trigger actions based on data.

Access data and schedule updates from any web service using DataVirtuality’s CSV or XML/JSON query builder. DataVirtuality automatically applies a relational structure and enables you to modify the output format with a few clicks. Easily add data from web services to your data model by creating views.

img-automate task

Set rules for automated decision making and execute them. Automate any SQL statement and call external tools to interact with your data.

Use and analyze historical data. 


Get data from binary logs without affecting the transactional performance of your data sources. Synchronise this data to your target storage.

Create a company-wide logical data model. Based on virtual views all data can be instantly modeled and the data model flexibly adapted to changing business needs.

Set up flexible schedules and choose from a variety of scheduling options: (1) intervals down to 1 minute and (2) dependent schedules on other jobs. Gain full control with DataVirtuality’s transparent documentation of all schedules and jobs.

DataVirtuality has a sophisticated user management system consisting of role based permissions. Assign certain permissions to roles and add them to users. Track actions by users in the audit log. Import existing permission rules from Active Directory and LDAP.

What our customers say

Being able to work productively right away is a big advantage for us compared to the usual month-long implementation times of traditional data warehouse projects.

Tobias Helm

Head of BI, Finance and HR

Before DataVirtuality we had to go into each of our databases, pull the data and stick it somehow with Excel together. Now we can access data at all times, set up reports in DataVirtuality, schedule data import jobs and make the reports available to everyone who needs it.

Ivo Fritzsche

Senior Business Intelligence Manager


We can make considerably better use of our data systems. The transparency of information is significantly higher. Decision making is no longer based on intuition, but driven by data and is, therefore, well-founded.

Christian Gleichmann

Head of eCommerce