Load data into your data warehouse

With pre-built templates. 5 minutes. No coding required.

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How Pipes works

Choose from 50+ connectors, pick a data warehouse, select pre-built templates and schedule your data imports.



Choose your data sources.



Replicate your data into a data warehouse: Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, PostgreSQL, Snowflake and more.



Analyze your data using your Business Intelligence tools: Looker, Tableau, Excel, R and more.

Easy to use interface

Pipes is an easy to use solution with all needed functionalities for replicating your data - no coding required.

What you should know

Pipes is in the cloud, easy to use and secure.

Quick set-up

Use your browser and integrate all your data in minutes.

Built for big data

Unlimited data volume without data caps.

Secure connection

Encrypted connection to ensure data protection.

EU and US hosting

Hosted with EU and US complying data protection laws.

Product features

All features for simple data replication in only a few minutes.

Pre built templates

Use templates to get the data you need out of your data sources.

Access raw data

Pipes gets all your data into one place and enables joins across datasets.

No coding required

Connect and operate all your data pipes without a single line of code.

Custom import schedules

Select how often data is extracted and loaded into your data warehouse.

Full control

Self-serve connect to your databases and remain in control of your data pipes.

Managed schema

Automatically maintain data schema.

We have been able to cut our development time by 80% which allowed us to spend more time on solving business problems and less time on the actual technical implementation.

Carly Kaufman

Manager of Data Services


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