DataVirtuality is the heart of an organization's data infrastructure that enables flow of data between all databases, cloud services and business intelligence tools.

Benefits for C-Suite

Get comprehensive real-time reporting

DataVirtuality enables a data flow between all databases, cloud services and business intelligence tools to ensure that everyone in your organization has the insights he needs.

Establish data-driven process automation

The ability of DataVirtuality to collect and push data from and to any system enables sophisticated process automation. Automated marketing and sales actions, supplier automation or controlling automation are some use cases.

Build an agile data infrastructure

In our rapidly changing world, organizations need to be more adaptive than ever before. DataVirtuality is a highly flexible solution that brings organizations data infrastructure up to speed of the market.

Institutionalize your data know-how

DataVirtuality manages and documents the organization's data flow. It fastens the time to build data integrations by 80%. DataVirtuality also helps to reduce dependencies on individuals in your data organization by making all data flows fully transparent and easy to understand.

DataVirtuality has significantly improved our data management, the quality of our data, and freed up time for ourselves: Now, we can focus on building smarter algorithms, enhancing our evaluations, and improving the decision-making process.

Jochen Missel

Managing Director

ePetWorld GmbH

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