For IT-Professionals

Data Virtuality is the heart of an organization's data infrastructure that centralizes your data sources into a single target storage.

Benefits for IT-Professionals

Integrate 200+ data sources

Connect to 200+ data sources, cloud services, files (XML, CSV, etc.) and API’s. Query live data or move data to your target storage. Immediately analyze data using your BI tools.

Query data in SQL

Data Virtuality makes all your data sources speak SQL. No matter if noSQL databases, CSV or XML files - query any data source with SQL and define your own extraction logic.

Create a central data model

Apply one data model to all your BI tools and establish organization-wide data definitions - independent from the underlying data source you use.

Build a flexible data infrastructure

Your business sets the requirements, we help you to deliver. Use a hybrid approach combining data virtualization and next generation extract-transform-load (ETL) to create a highly flexible data structure for real-time and historical data.

With Data Virtuality bringing on new data sources is a breeze. It is as easy as writing a SQL query and creating a view.

Carly Kaufman

Manager of Data Services


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