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DataVirtuality accesses, manages and integrates any database and cloud service. By combining data virtualization and Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) processes, DataVirtuality is the only solution to enable data infrastructures that are both: agile and high-performing.


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The DataVirtuality advantage

Agile data integration for data champions

According to Gartner the majority of data warehouse projects fail. Current data integration approaches using classical ETL processes fail to deliver results due to their inability to meet modern data infrastructure requirements.

Projects with classical ETL based data integration


project failure rate

6-9 months development cycles
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Inflexible to changes
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No live-data
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Projects with DataVirtuality Logical Data Warehouse


project success rate

Complete set up in 1 day
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Agile data infrastructure
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DataVirtuality Logical Data Warehouse marries two distinct technologies to create an entirely new manner of integrating data. Combining data virtualization with an ELT engine enables for the first time in history agile data infrastructures with high performance.

Our customers

What our customers say

We have been able to cut our development time by 80% which allowed us to spend more time on solving business problems and less time on the actual technical implementation.

Carly Kaufman

Manager of Data Services


DataVirtuality is saving us 80% of the time when creating reports. Time we can use analyzing our data to find golden nuggets.

Tobias Weinmann

Senior Head of Online Marketing

Being able to work productively right away is a big advantage for us compared to the usual month-long implementation times of traditional data warehouse projects.

Tobias Helm

Head of BI and Finance

Before DataVirtuality we had to go into each of our databases, pull the data and stick it somehow with Excel together. Now we can access data at all times, set up reports in DataVirtuality, schedule data import jobs and make the reports available to everyone.

Ivo Fritzsche

Senior Business Intelligence Manager


Using DataVirtuality means that we can make considerably better use of our data systems. The transparency of information is also significantly higher. Decision making is no longer based on intuition, but driven by data and is, therefore, well-founded.

Christian Gleichmann

Head of eCommerce

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