Data Virtuality

Empower your data journey with versatile data integration and seamless user experience in the cloud and on-premises

u-iris data virtuality client
unanet data virtuality client


Integrate data from disparate sources, regardless of its type, format, or location.


Create a central data logic that encompasses both the business logic and the logical connections between different systems.


Replicate data using SQL commands which are seamlessly translated into native data source commands, including API calls, file system accesses, CDC interface accesses, and databases.


Deliver the data to any data consumer: reporting tools, advanced analytics tools, or custom programs in various programming languages.

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How the
Data Virtuality Platform works

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Data Virtuality Platform

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Discover the Features of the Data Virtuality Platform

Deployment Types

  • SaaS 
  • Cloud self-hosted 
  • On-premises 
  • Hybrid

Data Virtualization

  • Cross-database joins
  • Nested loop
  • Merge join
  • Dependent semi-join
  • Cross-database unions
  • Cross-database SELECT INTO, INSERT INTO
  • Dynamic cost-based query optimization

Data Replication

  • Full
  • Incremental
  • Batch
  • Copy over
  • Upsert update
  • Slowly changing dimension type 2 (history update)

Data Governance

  • Automatic data lineage 
  • Column-level data lineage 
  • Column masking
  • Connectivity with other specialized data governance tools such as Collibra and Dataspot

Business Data Shop (self-service data catalog)

  • Metadata catalog and search
  • Self-service data access for business users
  • Write and run queries
  • Download data

Security, Authentication, Audit

  • Kerberos
  • Row-based security
  • Git integration
  • Built-in user/role based permission system
  • Permission granularity on schema, table, column level
  • LDAP authentication (Active Directory, ForgeRock, etc.)
  • History of changes (versioning) for all custom metadata
  • Access to audit information and usage statistics using SQL from external tools
  • Security protocols: SSL/TLS, HTTPS

Change Data Capture (for selected sources)

  • Recognizes changes in the source system by reading its binary logs
  • Replicates data from DB tables in near real time
  • Low footprint on source system



  • Self-learning recommendation engine for automatic structure optimization


  • Materialized source tables and virtual views
  • Automatic index creation

Query optimization

  • Rewriting of incoming queries for distributed query performance


  • Kafka connector
  • Continuous record sets

AI features

  • Instantaneous explanations of SQL queries with SQL AI Assistant

How the Data Virtuality Platform Works

Drawing inspiration from the concept of an operating system, we aim to emulate a ‘Data OS’ experience for our users. First, our platform integrates data via multiple methods like data virtualization, ETL/ELT, streaming, and CDC. Second, we provide unified data access for all users. Third, we use a universal language (SQL) for data queries to simplify integration. Lastly, we offer flexible deployment options, including SaaS, cloud, hybrid, and on-premises.

Data Virtuality Architecture

Customer Spotlight

Swanson Health Products used data virtualization and materialization to drive self-service initiatives which drastically reduced time-to-insights.
renew financial
Renew Financial integrated data from disparate sources and built a one stop shop for data. The BI team finally trusts the data.
Crédit Agricole transformed their EDW into a data platform and enabled self-service initiatives and faster time-to-market.

Start your data journey with the
Data Virtuality Platform

Instant setup. No credit card needed.