Data Virtuality Platform

Data Virtualization for Flexible Data Architectures

Leverage your existing data environment through instant data access, data centralization, automation and data governance.

Data Virtuality Platform

How the Data Virtuality Platform Works

The Data Virtuality Platform marries two distinct technologies to create an entirely new manner of integrating data. The combination of data virtualization and next generation ETL enables an agile data infrastructure with high performance.

Data Virtuality Platform
Data Virtuality Platform Architecture

Step 1 Connect your data sources

The Data Virtuality Platform connects to multiple data sources and allows querying data from there by using SQL. Data sources can either be relational or non-relational, the source file's format does not matter.

Step 2 Create a central data logic

Data Virtuality enables you to integrate your data and create a central data logic that covers the business logic and the logical connections between the different systems. This layer can easily be implemented by using SQL.

Step 3 Make your data accessible

Finally, the Data Virtuality Platform supports all common interfaces (JDBC, ODBC, REST) to deliver data to the data consumers. This could be reporting tools, advanced analytics tools, or custom programs in various programming languages.

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Customer Spotlight

Swanson Health Products used data virtualization and materialization to drive self-service initiatives which drastically reduced time-to-insights.
renew financial
Renew Financial integrated data from disparate sources and built a one stop shop for data. The BI team finally trusts the data.
Crédit Agricole transformed their EDW into a data platform and enabled self-service initiatives and faster time-to-market.

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Role Specific Benefits

Data Architect

The modern data architecture built with Data Virtuality gives you the flexibility which is needed in this ever changing data world. Also, you can realize a great variety of use cases.

Data Engineer

With Data Virtuality, you can develop a robust and comprehensive data architecture that will reliably support your daily operations - quick data manipulation with SQL to name one example.

Business Analyst

With Data Virtuality, you have easy and quick access to all data and data models in the central data layer, i.e. you can dive right into your analyses.

Head of Data

With Data Virtuality, you can empower your team to build a flexible data infrastructure for quick time-to-market (up to 80%) and data-driven decisions while saving costs of up to 75%.

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