CData Acquires Data Virtuality, Modernizing Enterprise Data Virtualization

About Data Virtuality

Our Mission, our core beliefs & our inception. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable businesses to leverage the full potential of their data by providing a single source of truth platform to connect and manage all data.

We noticed that the increasing data variety is the great challenge for businesses working with big data. And we don’t expect any changes in this regard. With this in mind, we make our decisions based on the following three market assumptions:

Enterprises struggle the most with data variety

End consumer-like usability is demanded by all types of users

SaaS takes over on-premises… in every context

And that’s not all: We are the first company that has been connecting these three market trends and, thereby, transform the data integration industry completely. We strongly believe that these three aspects will continue to shape our future. This is Data Virtuality. This is our mission.

Our Core Beliefs

Nothing is as important as passion.

Nothing is as important as passion. Do what you love and you will be rewarded. In the form of success, skills, happiness and friends.​

We think reliability is important.

We do what we say and deliver as promised. Full commitment to achieve what we have said.

Creativity is the driver for innovation.

Creativity is the key to achieving great things. Do not follow blindly. Challenge. Be different. Create your own way.

We always learn from errors.

Commit, locate, correct. When errors happen, we do not blame individuals but seek to understand the environment that led to the error.

Our Management Team

Some Facts About Data Virtuality

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