CData Acquires Data Virtuality, Modernizing Enterprise Data Virtualization

Join over 150 companies worldwide that trust Data Virtuality to integrate data for better-informed decisions.

Chosen by data management professionals of enterprises, Data Virtuality is the preferred platform for data virtualization and data integration.

Data Virtuality
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Data Integration
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The Future of Data Integration

Data integration today
Transformed by Data Virtuality

Data Virtuality Platform

A unified data integration platform that seamlessly connects to your data sources, data consumers, and metadata tools ensuring enterprise-wide data access, governance, and delivery. All while accelerating time-to-value by 5x and saving up to 80% cost.

Instantly connect your data sources and gain a unified view of your entire data estate:

Create a semantic data layer that allows quick adaptation to changing business requirements without altering the underlying database structure.

Establish centralized controls and audit capabilities to ensure high data quality, security, and compliance.

Choose from Data Virtuality's flexible deployment options, including SaaS, self-hosted cloud and on-premise solutions, to access a secure, compliant platform for modern businesses.

Enable subject matter experts to access data self-service, reducing reliance on data professionals for routine queries

Discover the Data Virtuality Edge

Future-proof, agile data integration

Elevate your data operations with an integration platform built for evolving and changing requirements:

  • Instant connections to sources, metadata tools and data consumers for a unified data view
  • Semantic data layer for complete data visibility – simplifying data analysis and decision-making across all departments
  • Centralized access control and audit trails for robust data governance
  • An integrated data shop to empower business users to retrieve data sets 

2-in-1 logical and physical data integration

Data Virtuality combines data virtualization (logical), and data movement (physical – ETL/ELT, CDC) ensuring maximum flexibility in data management.

  • High-performance virtual layer for real-time data access, cross database querying and semantic data modeling
  • Automated ETL/ELT engine for data movement needed in large-scale data use cases and for historical data analysis
  • Change Data Capture (CDC) enabling real-time data movement with minimal impact on source systems

Easy set-up and maintenance

Focus on data-driven-innovation while we manage your data integration platform.

Start with our SaaS version right away, or pick a deployment method that matches your operational requirements:

  • SaaS (lowest TCO, fully managed)
  • Cloud-self-hosted
  • On-premises

Start your data journey with the
Data Virtuality Platform

Instant setup. No credit card needed.

One platform for all data initiatives

Data Fabric

Provide seamless data access and processing, ensuring a consistent view of data enterprise-wide.

Data Mesh

Decentralize data ownership for a scalable, domain-centric, business-focused architecture.

Semantic Layer

Create a unified data model, enabling standardized enterprise-wide analytics.

Data Governance

Ensure secure data access, control and ownership across multiple databases and platforms.

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Maximize your impact with Data Virtuality

Data Architect

With the Data Virtuality Platform, you have data virtualization, ETL/ELT, CDC, and streaming in a single platform. Take full advantage of a modern data architecture that is flexible enough to evolve your data strategies and architectures to meet the ever-changing business needs

Data Engineer

With only SQL skills at hand, you can quickly deliver more data views, faster, and thereby realize more business value, sooner.

Business Analyst

With Data Virtuality, you have easy and quick access to all data, data models, and metadata in the central data layer, allowing you to dive right into your analyses.

Head of Data

With Data Virtuality, you can empower your team to build a flexible data infrastructure for quick time-to-market (up to 80%) and data-driven decisions while saving costs of up to 75%.


Data Virtuality integrates seamlessly with DevOps systems and CI/CD processes via GitHub, streamlining your workflow for quick, efficient deployments. In our SaaS version, we handle installation, maintenance, and updates, so your team can focus on delivering quality software and reducing time-to-market.

Security and Compliance

Data security, permissions, anonymization, data masking, audit of access, and audit of changes, as well as encryption, are all available in the Data Virtuality Platform. This makes it easier for you to ensure security and compliance.

Start your data journey with the
Data Virtuality Platform

Instant setup. No credit card needed.