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Data governance is often perceived as a standalone discipline that can be addressed with targeted tools. However, this approach misses the fact that standalone tools only focus on governing the metadata. To successfully implement it in the context of an overall data management strategy and fulfill the governance aspects of data in real-time, a combination of metadata and data is crucial.

Data Virtuality’s goal has always been to empower operationalizing data governance outcomes, such as deploying a common accessibility, controls, and standards framework for data within our platform.

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Your Key Benefits and Features

Security and Access Management

Data Virtuality provides secure access based on approved row and column level permission management. All security authorization and updates are fully audited and instantly available for search and compliance reporting.

Exchanging Metadata with Data Governance Platforms

The PGGM case study and other customer cases illustrate that the Data Virtuality Platform provides a structured, open, and accessible interface with tools such as Collibra, Infogix, and other dedicated data governance products.

Data Lineage Management

The Data Virtuality platform provides instant data lineage, from the top-level dataset view, down to the underlying data flows, and eventually back to the data source. Our approach of visualizing data lineage allows for faster development, testing, and accessibility of data services while also providing rapid root-cause data defect resolution whenever poor quality data is discovered.

Data Catalog

Data Virtuality has its own proprietary data catalog functionality, providing access to simple metadata and descriptions at the view level and customizable attribute-level descriptions and definitions. We are constantly expanding the functionality of our data catalog, so contact us if you wish to learn more about current capabilities and catalog roadmap over the coming months.

Personal and Commercial Data Masking/Obfuscation

With one of the goals of a mature data analytics and data governance strategy being to 'unlock' a greater volume of data assets for utilization across the wider business, there is a delicate balance between the democratization of data and the need to maintain security and privacy. To empower greater accessibility within a controlled environment, the Data Virtuality platform can obfuscate (hide from view) all forms of sensitive or personal and commercial data, such as commercially sensitive trading information, credit card and personal financial data, security and access details, and medical information.

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This whitepaper shares the benefits of a mature data governance strategy and how Data Virtuality has aligned its approach to supporting our clients’ varied data governance needs.

Start your data journey with the
Data Virtuality Platform

Instant setup. No credit card needed.