CData Acquires Data Virtuality, Modernizing Enterprise Data Virtualization

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Leveraging Data Virtualization in Data Lakehouse Architecture

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Data Virtuality is pleased to announce the release of a connector for Databricks, enhancing the capabilities of the data lakehouse. This connector, available for both on-premises and SaaS deployments of the Data Virtuality Platform, adds a robust end-to-end integration component with an emphasis on data virtualization to data lakehouses.

What to expect from this enhanced data lakehouse experience?

This new connector offers organizations several advantages

  • Flexible Data Integration: Integrate data using various styles to the data lakehouse for increased productivity and flexibility, including:
    • Data Virtualization: Offering an integrated view of data from varied sources
    • ETL/ELT: Extract, transform, and load your data with ease
    • CDC: Real-time data change capture
    • Streaming: Continuous data processing and analysis
  • Extensive Connectivity: Choose from 200+ connectors and connect to relational systems, flat files, enterprise applications, traditional file formats, etc. 
  • Cloud-Centric Engagement: Enjoy a cohesive cloud journey with the Data Virtuality Platform SaaS, seamlessly integrated with Databricks’ cloud-centric lakehouse. 
  • Automation: Increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks. Automation can be customized to meet the user’s specific needs.

For more details on the Databricks connector, check out the documentation here

Setting the Stage for AI Use Cases with Data Virtuality and Databricks

The integration of Data Virtuality and Databricks aids companies venturing in their AI initiatives. Data Virtuality’s platform allows for efficient integration of diverse data sources, a foundational element of any AI projects. With Databricks’s capabilities in thoroughly processing and analyzing large data sets, organizations can greatly impact the speed of their AI development and deployment.

See the Data Virtuality Platform in action

If you are interested in seeing how easy it is to connect Databricks and other data sources and start working with data, why not test it yourself? Book a demo or kick off a free 30-day trial to see the Data Virtuality Platform in action.

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