Creativity meets data: Building an agile data infrastructure that empowers analytics

Client: The premier platform for learning, inspiration, and supplies for passionate enthusiast makers.

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What has started in 2010 as a project to foster creativity and handmade art has become to a thriving business serving millions of passionate makers as a source of creativity. Craftsy is with more than 12 million monthly visitors and 40 million page views the premier destination to explore expert-led video classes around sewing, knitting, photography, cooking, cake decorating & more. 

Craftsy is a very data-driven company. At a basic level data is being used for financial reporting, inventory management and sales reporting. At a more complex level Craftsy is using data to calculate the ROI of marketing campaigns and predictive models, such as how likely is a customer that clicked on one product to buy another product that is similar to it.

Before Data Virtuality:

Before Data Virtuality Carly and her team had a hard time to provide access to the end users to query data sources and analyze them. The first challenge was to manually integrate the 12 PostgreSQL databases, an accounting system, warehouse management system, CRM and all social media data such as Facebook, Google Analytics, Bing and Instagram. This was a very time consuming process which delivered timely delayed and incomplete data. The second challenge for Carly and her team was to be agile in responding to business needs in a quick manner. Delivering data on metrics where the team was not prepared for used to be a huge challenge. Often times, requests could not be answered to the end users satisfaction. 

With Data Virtuality:

New data sources can now be added in minutes - without the need of writing custom code. Immediately after adding data sources queries can be written and saved on Data Virtuality. Carly and her team are now able to react on reporting requests within an hour - what has used to take several weeks. Development time was cut down by 80% which allows Carly and her team to spend more time with the end users solving the business problem and less time on the actual technical implementation. Carly and her team decided to go with Data Virtuality after an extensive vendor selection process. A variety of classical ETL tools and data virtualization platforms were compared. According to Carly, there was no other vendors which could provide what Data Virtuality is providing in terms of the ease of bringing on new data sources and cross data source querying. 

With Data Virtuality bringing on new data sources is now a breeze. It's as easy as writing a SQL query and creating a view.

Carly Kaufman

Manager of Data Service


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