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Data Virtuality Logical Data Warehouse 2.4

With version 2.4, Data Virtuality runs on the Red Hat WildFly application server and latest Java LTS version for more flexibility and security.

With version 2.4, we performed a large update of our platform. The Logical Data Warehouse now runs on the Red Hat WildFly application server and the latest Java LTS version. This move gives the users of Logical Data Warehouse more flexibility and security:

  • New connectors can be developed more quickly in certain cases.
  • Many drivers can be updated to the most recent version so the latest features and improvements can be easily used. Several drivers have already been updated in this initial version, others will follow in subsequent minor releases.
  • The upgraded platform allows a more timely reaction to upstream security issues, e.g. in the OpenJDK Java distribution or data source drivers.
  • Most recent security standards such as TSLv1.2 are fully supported.

The upgraded platform gives the development team at Data Virtuality new possibilities and eases the implementation of various new features. We are currently looking into the development of the new features and are excited to share some insights soon.

Additional new features are going to follow this initial platform update and will be released as part of minor releases later. In our next blog post, we will talk about one of them, which is the new git integration.

For more technical details about our updates, please visit the announcements section in our community.

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