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Data Virtuality’s latest updates for a superior SaaS experience

Article contents

Data Virtuality is excited to announce the launch of several new features:

  • Cloud Agent: an innovative feature that enables organizations to effortlessly connect with on-premises data sources, just as they already can with cloud-based sources
  • OData connection for Tableau and Salesforce: Deepen integration with your favorite tools
  • Stonly Integration for on-boarding: Improved user experience as you start your journey with Data Virtuality

Developed with valuable feedback from our customers and partners, these powerful features enable organizations to enjoy an improved SaaS experience.

Bridging the Gap: The Need for the Cloud Agent

In an on-premises setup, Data Virtuality can easily connect to data sources that are locally hosted on clients’ networks and protected by strict firewall rules. With the introduction of Data Virtuality SaaS, the Data Virtuality side of communication now resides on the public internet, and the Cloud Agent bridges this connection.

How the Cloud Agent works

The Cloud Agent is installed within the customer network and initiates web socket connections to Data Virtuality SaaS. Once connected, Data Virtuality Platform SaaS uses the web socket connections as tunnels to connect to the actual customer data sources with the following setup:

CLOUD_AGENT_CLIENT_API_KEY – Stores the client API key used to authenticate Cloud Agent connections, generated on server startup if it does not already exist.

To simplify the process, users can find a ‘Cloud Agent’ tab after selecting the on-premises sources they wish to connect. A wizard is available to assist with the connection setup.

Enjoy the following benefits with the new Cloud Agent

  • Seamless Cross-Network Communication: Effortlessly bridge the gap between on-premises data sources and Data Virtuality Platform SaaS
  • Enhanced Security & Trust: Secure and authenticated communication channel
  • User-Friendly Wizard Enhancement: Our enhanced wizard now boasts an additional “Cloud Agent” tab for easy setup

View Cloud Agent documentation.

OData connection enabled in Data Virtuality Platform SaaS

With this new update, OData is also enabled in the Data Virtuality Platform SaaS, extending the capabilities already available in the on-premises environment. This feature will be especially interesting for Tableau and Salesforce users. Customers connecting Salesforce to ODATA can now access additional data through Salesforce Connect.

How OData for SaaS works

OData (Open Data Protocol) is a standard protocol for consuming data over the web. With this feature, users can seamlessly connect Tableau and Salesforce to Data Virtuality, allowing for real-time data queries and enhanced analytics.

Enabling OData in the Data Virtuality Platform SaaS

Enjoy the following benefits with the OData connection in SaaS

  • Streamlined Data Integration: Connect directly with Tableau and Salesforce
  • Real-time Analytics: Access up-to-date data for insights when you need them

View OData documentation.

Taking on-boarding to the next level

The new update will have an improved user experience. With the Stonly integration, on-boarding is now even more tailored to what the user needs to get started in the Data Virtuality Platform SaaS.

How the new self-onboarding looks like

Self-onboarding with Stonly integration
Tailored on-boarding
Easier and faster on-boarding process

Enjoy the following benefits with the new on-boarding

  • User friendly onboarding: Shorten the time to get productive within the Data Virtuality Platform SaaS.
  • Smooth learning curve: Colleagues in your organization with different roles and technical skill levels can be quickly on-boarded.

Elevating Security on the Data Virtuality Platform SaaS

To ensure you can fully embrace the capabilities of Data Virtuality’s SaaS offering with complete peace of mind, we have fortified our security measures. Our platform has now earned several prestigious certifications, including SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 3, and HIPAA compliance. These milestones underscore our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your data. For a comprehensive view of our security protocols, please visit the Data Virtuality Trust Center.

Experience the Future of Data Integration Today!

Your cloud experience is about to get a whole lot better. Enjoy the seamless cloud experience yourself by starting our 30-day free trial today.

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