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Fortifying Data Management with Strong Security Aspects in the Data Virtuality Platform

Article contents

During engagements with clients, the importance of security consistently emerges. Clearly, the emphasis on security extends beyond just the data—it encompasses the entire management system. In response to this pressing demand for transparency and assurance, we provide this comprehensive overview. Venture further to discover the robust security layers integral to the Data Virtuality Platform.

Security Protocols, Audit, and Certifications

  • Security Protocols: Data Virtuality assures enhanced data transmission using SSL/TLS and HTTPS protocols.
  • Audit Information & Usage Statistics: Organizations can employ SQL from external tools to derive valuable insights into data access patterns.
  • Certifications: Data Virtuality’s unwavering commitment to security is affirmed by obtaining prestigious certifications, including ISO27001, SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 3 and HIPAA compliance. For a comprehensive view of our security certifications, please visit the Data Virtuality Trust Center.

Authentication and Authorization

Officially named the Authorization Management Component by Data Virtuality, it’s built on a dynamic security broker, which is a fundamental part of our system. This robust engine facilitates:

  • OpenID Connect Authentication Algorithm: An industry benchmark ensuring smooth and reinforced user authentication.
  • Additional Authentication Support: Integration of notable protocols, such as PingID, OAuth 2, and SAML facilitated by the resilient Keycloak library.
  • Kerberos & LDAP Authentication: This ensures steadfast data transmission and seamless interaction with prevalent directory authentication infrastructures.
  • Web UI Authentication: On-premise users can effortlessly access and log into the platform.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Data Virtuality is arming its defenses against contemporary cyber threats by setting its sights on Two-Factor Authentication.

User & Permission Management

  • Job Owner Assignments: Assigning jobs to specific owners enhances traceability and improves permission control.
  • Row-based Security: Tailored access ensures permissions can be set right down to specific database rows.
  • Permission Granularity: Users can exercise refined control, determining permissions at the schema, table, or even column level.
  • Built-in User/Role-Based Permission System: Streamlined role-centric permission allocations exemplify Data Virtuality’s user-friendly approach to management.

Version Control

  • Git Integration: This feature prioritizes data integrity while preserving an unambiguous alteration history.
  • History of Changes: The comprehensive metadata versioning system by Data Virtuality allows users to seamlessly track and revert modifications.

Data Virtuality’s commitment to security remains steadfast. Through continuous refinement and the addition of security-focused features, unwavering adherence to rigorous standards, and alignment with industry benchmarks, Data Virtuality guarantees an environment where the sanctity of data is inviolable. Upcoming enhancements include, but are not limited to, AES encryption, improved Git Integration, and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Experience Security Excellence with Data Virtuality

Are you ready to discover the exceptional security features of the Data Virtuality Platform? Take the next step towards a secure data future by booking a personalized demo or trying our free trial. At Data Virtuality, we believe in providing you with the tools and confidence to fortify your data management. Join us today, and experience the peace of mind that comes from choosing a partner dedicated to your data’s security and integrity.

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