Big data as a key basis of competition


As we are passionate experts in the field of data integration we get to talk about big data a lot. This is why we want to introduce you to the one and only way of efficiently becoming more successful.

Want to know how to become more successful? Big Data is your Key

It can’t be said often enough: Big data is the direct road to your success as your key basis of competition! A MGI (McKinsey Global Institute) research estimates, that retailers can increase their operating margin by more than 60 percent if they leverage their data and turn it into valuable insights. Why not use this road as well? Why not take the direct way instead of driving several detours that take an enormous amount of time and sometimes don’t even guide you to the places you actually wanted to be.

Big data is everywhere. Is it a hype? No - definitely not! Big data is real

We think – from the bottom of our hearts: Companies have to be data-driven to stay competitive.

Big data is not a new concept. The ways to manage, integrate and analyze your data have become more and more sophisticated during the past years as it’s potential is being realized now.

Let’s first have a look at the advantages of using your Big Data and then trying a soft analysis of why working with your data sometimes just doesn’t work out quite well.


10 Reasons For Big Data Fact Sheet

Every single Company has huge amounts of Data. They just need to use it

Pointing out the advantages of using your data is pretty easy. Understanding your customers better, understanding your production site more clear means improving processes, guiding your customers better through their buyer’s journey, personalizing your marketing activities through (automatized) real-time marketing.

Customers will feel that you have a better understanding of their needs and wishes. Your productivity will grow as you fully unlock the value of your big data. This is how big data offers considerable benefits to customers as well as companies and organizations.

Big Data will give you a great Overview of what’s going on

The funny thing is: even if you don’t use your big data yet, you already have all the information (kind of) available. Imagine. You have something, that you really need, but you just wouldn’t use it. Same with your data. You already have all the information. You just have to make it visible.

Let’s talk about facts

Historized data as well as real-time data helps decision makers making better decisions. From basic low-frequency forecasting to high-frequency nowcasting. Your business needs decisions. And decisions are always better based on facts, than on your intuition. (To be very honest. I bet your intuition has already been helpful. BUT, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Just saying.)

Your competitors are already using their data. Start using yours as well or be the first and outperform them before they outperform you!

Talking about innovation, personalization and competitiveness.

To understand your customers means, that you can as well understand better what they need. While talking to them about topics they want to talk about, precisely creating products they want to buy, making faster decisions, you – step by step – can increase the value of your company and make the relationship to your customers more stable.

But why does this seem so complex?

The volume of data has increased tremendously. Information is there. But where? In multiple data sources, from multiple third-party data sources, in different languages, historized data, real-time data,… How the hell can you work with this?

One of the biggest challenges of the extraction, integration and analysis of your data is organizing it.

How can you work with your data?

As we already noticed: Your data is probably stored at several different spots, or you have third party data sources,.. Everything needs to get integrated and centralized in one spot to enable a full analysis of your data.

How to become a real data champion. Turn your big data into smart data

Organizing and centralizing your data is the first step.

If you have just started, store your data in a data warehouse and integrate other data sources with a simple data integration tool like DataVirtuality Pipes.

With Pipes you can build data pipelines from all kinds of data sources in minutes, storing everything in your preferred database to analyze it with your most favorite BI tool, as Tableau or Looker. Pipes is perfect for data movement. Furthermore DataVirtuality offers a unique benefit: Pipes can’t only move your data through our pre-packaged connectors and templates that we already programmed for you.

With Pipes you are highly flexible, as you can change the extraction logic of the queries by using familiar SQL language.

Feelin’ like your data are too big for Pipes?

Your big data is really BIG and spread (in a complex structure) all over your company? You need something else. In this case your data is probably stored in data lakes, data warehouses, in data clouds,…

I have a great suggestion for you: A Logical Data Warehouse is a really efficient solution for a sophisticated data integration. Probably the best. According to Gartner every company needs to evolve to a Logical Data Warehouse approach to effectively access and manage all data. (by the way – in case you haven’t heard it before: We were named “Cool Vendor in Pervasive Integration” by Gartner)

DataVirtuality designed the world’s first Logical Data Warehouse. It accesses, manages and integrates any database and cloud service to generate insights from your persisted and real-time data. Setup day for the logical data warehouse is one day. With both – Pipes and the Logical Data Warehouse – you can implement solutions, that are high performing and provide you with the flexibility that you really need.

Ready to beat your competitors?

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