How to integrate Google AdWords in Tableau using DataVirtuality

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While Tableau has some connectors to popular data sources, there are many connectors that are not built by Tableau — and exactly such popular connector as Google Adwords is not one of them. Therefore, you should choose one of Tableau’s solution/technology partners that provide these data integration services.

DataVirtuality Ruby REST Client: Fast and RESTful connection to DataVirtuality


RESTful connection to DataVirtuality Logical Data Warehouse:

Today we have an exciting update. Data Virtuality now offers a Ruby REST client. It connects you to DataVirtuality via REST (Representational State Transfer) service to consume data in any Ruby applications!

DataVirtuality + MemSQL: Fast data access and insights for enterprises


Data Virtuality is excited to be the launch partner for the new MemSQL Cloud, the real-time data warehouse as a managed service.  

MemSQL is a real-time data warehouse that ingests streaming data while simultaneously analyzing billions of rows per second in a fast, flexible and secure manner.

As of 14th Jun 2017 MemSQL Cloud is generally available. You can now experience MemSQL as a fully managed cloud service. No maintaining servers or managing a VPC any more.

Big Data as a Key Basis of Competition

As we are passionate experts in the field of data integration we get to talk about big data a lot. This is why we want to introduce you to the one and only way of efficiently becoming more successful.

How an Omni-Channel Workday Could Look Like

This is a guest blog post contributed by our partner minubo.

Some of the great retail experts still think that omni-channel is a concept of the far future – an idea or vision that has still nothing to do with the present. But in our work with brands and retailers, we feel and see that omni-channel is becoming more and more relevant and taking its place in the minds of strategic and operational roles in commerce organizations. I would even take a step further and say: Omni-channel can become reality, right now!

Follow the road to your answers – Get to know your customer’s journey

The analysis of your customer’s journey can give you insights of how customers make decisions, what they like and obviously don’t like. It can literally show you how to become more successful.

Because we always like to share our knowledge with you, we will give you some tips and tricks on pushing your revenue to a new level. Just a tiny hint: Big data is the key!

Data Virtuality Announces the SAP BusinessObjects Live Connector

Data Virtuality is proud to announce the availability of the SAP BusinessObjects Live Connector designed to extend your BI and analytics capabilities by including the power of BusinessObjects from within your logical data warehouse.

Data Virtuality Announces the Elasticsearch Live Connector

Data Virtuality is proud to announce the availability of the live connector for Elasticsearch designed to extend your business intelligence and analytics capabilities by including the power of Elasticsearch alongside your Logical Data Warehouse.


New look & feel and major technical upgrades – DataVirtuality Logical Data Warehouse Release 2.0

From a new look & feel to some great technical improvements: Our release 2.0 is a big one and just right to make your life with big data the fastest it can get.

How we revolutionize the BI infrastructure with our new product: Pipes

This blog post will provide more information, how we revolutionize the BI infrastructure for businesses with simple to sophisticated data needs by creating our new product: DataVirtuality Pipes.

Launching a new product is an awesome feeling. Everybody worked very hard for the past weeks and months. And as the launch date comes closer and closer the whole team gets very excited. All the hard work, the process with so many sophisticated people makes us very sentimental, especially when we think of where we started.

Calculating the return on investment (ROI) of business intelligence projects

It’s been said that information is the oil of the 21st century. Massive amounts of information are already being generated, captured, and parsed to eliminate uncertainty and improve business decisions. With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), immense numbers of everyday objects are acquiring network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. In 2008, there were already more “things” connected to the Internet than people, and by 2020, the amount of Internet-connected things is expected to reach 50 billion¹.

MemSQL and REST Services – DataVirtuality Version 1.9.10

It’s time to pat ourselves on the back. We released DataVirtuality Version 1.9.10. A big step forward.