Data Virtuality is proud to announce the availability of our Live Connector for Elasticsearch, which extends your business intelligence and analytics capabilities by including the power of Elasticsearch alongside your Logical Data Warehouse.

Elasticsearch is a search and analytics engine for structured, unstructured and time-series data and serves use cases such as text search, fuzzy search, analytics, crawling, and indexing. Elasticsearch is a powerful tool that provides deep search capabilities within its environment, but isolated search results can lack context and relevance.

The Data Virtuality Live Connector makes it easy to connect to Elasticsearch indexes in minutes and provides quick, interactive, and secure access to the rich search capabilities of Elasticsearch without the need to extract, copy or move data.

Once the Live Connector is setup, you can freely join Elasticsearch results with your organization’s data, which is available through your Data Virtuality Logical Data Warehouse.

This provides the key capability of enriching search results with comprehensive context and relevance from the Logical Data Warehouse, enhancing the capability to find and act on business insights.


Data Virtuality Elastic Search Archtiectural Graphic


The ability of Data Virtuality to expose search results and indexes as relational tables broadens the potential value and number of uses cases for which Elasticsearch can be used. Representing Elasticsearch results as relational tables and views enables the use of standard SQL syntax, which greatly expands the accessibility of search indexes, thereby making them available to most standard BI, query, visualization, and analytics tools.  

Enabling the use of any query tool provides new opportunities to explore, query, and visualize search results.

Virtualizing search data from Elasticsearch from within your Data Virtuality Logical Data Warehouse simplifies and streamlines the process of exploring and visualizing data using popular self-service BI and advanced analytics tools such as Tableau or Looker. Either of these tools pair well with Data Virtuality due to the efficient and performant capabilities of Data Virtuality in handling complex search results from Elasticsearch and serving them to BI tools in a format that is easily digested, analyzed and presented. Although these tools could connect directly to Elasticsearch, Data Virtuality provides immediate query response by removing the need to create data extracts or to copy data, both of which are processes that can be slow and problematic.  

Data Virtuality makes it a top priority to continue to expand the breadth and depth of connectors available. In that way we can enable the building of a comprehensive Logical Data Warehouse, thereby providing maximum value to your organization based on the unique capabilities of the Data Virtuality platform.


If you would like to see the Live Connector for Elasticsearch in action, click here.