How we Revolutionized the BI Infrastructure with our new Product: Pipes

Launching a new product is an awesome feeling. Everybody worked very hard for the past weeks and months. And as the launch date comes closer and closer the whole team gets very excited. So many sophisticated people have put in an incredible amount of hard work which makes us very sentimental, especially when we think of where we started.

In 2012, when data integration really was a huge challenge, we launched our first product: The Logical Data Warehouse. It started in 2008 at the University of Leipzig as a research project. And wow, it was so much work, but it was worth it. Through this new automated data management architecture, we changed the way enterprises can integrate their data forever.

A colleague of ours once said: “Data integration before 2012 was like riding a carriage from the West Coast of the US to the East Coast.” It was a big challenge, it took a lot of time and at some point – it really started to get on our nerves (but we still love data integration a lot).

Now everybody can travel by plane. It is so much easier, much more comfortable and faster than before. A true improvement.  

Our mission, to make data integration for companies as easy as it can get, seemed pretty close.

Over the next couple of years, the Logical Data Warehouse got a lot of attention. Talking to our customers showed us that it was worth the effort and they really appreciated that we helped them spend more time concentrating on the analysis of their data rather than wasting time on building a BI infrastructure (which normally takes months and months. But with us, you can get it in one day – just saying).

But where are we now? Launching a new data integration solution?

Yes, we are.

The Logical Data Warehouse is awesome, but a lot of people reached out to us, telling us that the Logical Data Warehouse is two steps ahead of where they are in their BI setup process. Firstly, BI developers want to copy all their data into an analytical database and start from there.

Let’s look into this matter

Using data for business purposes is important, especially in smaller companies where they have just started using their data, and where they have a small budget for BI and they are not able to build a full data infrastructure yet, and they really don’t need a full solution. They would like to use it, but they are not there yet. So we thought about what exactly they might need and how we could help them to grow, while using their data even better.

Time is a significant factor for business success

Digital businesses need to reach certain goals within a short period of time. To know if business and marketing operations are successful, all activities need to be tracked, and customer journeys need to be clearly understood to react quicker to the customer’s needs. The aim is to achieve a 360 degree customer view, and ideally, automated supply chain management. Without fully collecting and understanding data, companies have to make decisions by intuition and not based on facts.

Everyone is starting small

Young digital businesses in particular are lacking the technical possibilities to connect heterogeneous data sources to be used for analysis. At some stage, even these companies should take a step forward and improve their business intelligence operations. The data is there. It is really close. You just need to use it. And we can help you!

Intuition is important. But honestly – we prefer logical decision-making

And to help you make your decisions based on hard facts through your own data: Here we are, proudly presenting our new product: Data Virtuality Pipes. Our newest product specifically geared to BI novices.

Data Virtuality Pipes Overview Graphic

Eighteen months ago, we started creating Pipes as a smaller version of our Logical Data Warehouse, for those who have a limited use case, and who are just starting to experiment with data and don’t need the full solution. Data Virtuality Pipes is an affordable solution that builds data pipelines for you, integrating your data into a data warehouse of your choice, so that you can analyze it with your favorite tools.

Sounds like a miracle? We know. But it is true. Let us explain a little more…

Big data made easy – no development, no coding, no maintenance of APIs.

No development, no coding, no maintenance of APIs – Pipes is truly a revolution when it comes to BI infrastructure setup. You can create data pipes from your existing data sources within minutes. The intuitive interface guides you through the process. Easy as buying a new sweater while shopping online, you can add data sources into a data warehouse.

Connect any data source in 1 Minute.

The benefits of Pipes

  • Quick setup in minutes
  • Ease of use through a simple interface
  • No coding or programming required
  • 150+ connectors and APIs available without programming
  • Extract data easily into the most common databases, such as: Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, HP Vertica and Oracle
  • Custom import schedules
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • The most cost-effective way to start working with BI
  • Your BI infrastructure scales with you: Pipes is fully upgradeable to our Logical Data Warehouse

To set up Pipes, it only takes an average of 20 minutes. Just sign up on the Internet and get started. Your data pipelines can also be created within just a few minutes. Add a data storage you prefer (and already use), such as Amazon Redshift, HP Vertica, Oracle, or more than 10 other databases. Next, connect your data sources, from one of our more than 150 connectors.

Pipes is extremely flexible and agile

Just in case you can’t find the data source you want to use: Please fill in the short contact form. We will take care of it and make Pipes the individual solution that you need.

You can also decide how often you want to have your data imported. Just choose a timeframe that you prefer: From once a week to every hour – you decide. And in case you want to define your own schedule to run as often as you want, feel free to contact us. We will make it happen.

Pipes is built for big data. This is why we created Pipes to grow along with your business with an unlimited data volume.

To make sure that things are very secure and still flexible for you, we are storing your centralized data in the cloud. The cloud hosting always adheres to both European and US data protection laws.

Growing too fast and need a Logical Data Warehouse?

Data Virtuality Logical Data Warehouse Architecture

One of the best things about our new solution: Pipes is the first step to becoming a fully data-driven company. Pipes grows as your company does and as you become more successful. Pipes is fully upgradable to a Logical Data Warehouse at any time. Upgrading gives you real-time data access, data modelling and virtual views. You can seamlessly transform your big data BI infrastructure from Pipes to the Data Virtuality Logical Data Warehouse without changing your vendors and without losing the work you have invested so far.

Let us show you how to become a real data champion

Do you want to learn more about Pipes? Feel free to contact us at any time. You are always welcome at one of our offices in San Francisco, Leipzig or Frankfurt. Or write us an email. We are happy to hear from you!