CData Acquires Data Virtuality, Modernizing Enterprise Data Virtualization

CData Virtuality for Telecommunication Operators

Improve accuracy in churn prediction with better customer insights

Telecommunication operators are challenged with an avalanche of data produced by different channels such as connected devices (incl. IoT), customer behaviors, social media networks, etc. Furthermore, regulatory requirements are becoming stricter. The answer to these challenges is an integrative data platform! One that enables telecom operators to provide insights from the data while being compliant and thereby optimize services, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase revenue. The challenges can be transformed into new opportunities efficiently as new types of data in larger volumes can be connected and accessed quickly and in real-time.

The Challenges

  • Aging and complex IT infrastructure that cannot quickly adopt to new and changing business use cases
  • Complex systems that can only be operated by expensive professionals
  • Integration and maintenance of legacy technologies and data silos
  • Missing data integration capabilities to digital sources
  • Data quality problems and errors

The Solution

CData Virtuality uniquely combines automated ETL and data virtualization creating a central data management layer which enables

  1. central data access from disparate sources
  2. a unified data modeling layer for the data team
  3. data replication capabilities like data historization, master data management and CDC

Paired with further data management features, it ensures high data quality as well as security, shorter time-to-market cycles (up to 80%) and higher productivity.

How CData Virtuality Works


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Your Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy integration of data from disparate sources leading to
    • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
    • Customized pricing and promotion
    • Optimum network inventory
    • Effective cross- and upselling
    • Easy post-merger integrations, with zero downtime
  • Data governance and data lineage capabilities support compliance with privacy regulations.

Customer Case Studies

In less than 6 weeks, built a complete BI infrastructure based on a managed data pipeline platform for easier and faster insights.
PGGM built a modern data delivery infrastructure to make data available to the entire organization in a fast, secure, and user-friendly way.

Start your data journey with
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Instant setup. No credit card needed. 

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