CData Acquires Data Virtuality, Modernizing Enterprise Data Virtualization

Data Mesh enabled by CData Virtuality

Turn your data into usable products

Data Mesh is a new socio-technical data management paradigm which challenges the traditional monolithic data architectures with a decentralizing approach. It does so by changing the understanding of data from being an asset to data being a product that is used rather than treasured. The owner of the data in such a decentralized infrastructure are the domains (the organizational units) who generate the data and understand it the best. The domains are in charge of preparing and sharing the data so other domains can consume it in a self-serve manner. Automated processes and centralized governance and security measurements are further fundamental components of a data mesh.

The ultimate goal of this framework is to try to solve the resource bottlenecks of a centralized data management architecture and to bridge the gap between business needs and technology. 

CData Virtuality enables logical and distributed architectures which are essential to the data mesh concept by combining the two technologies – data virtualization and automated ETL.


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Your Key Benefits and Features

Scalability through decentralized data ownership

Domains can autonomously set up data assets and data models
Data virtualization with or without data replication supports a decentralized architecture
SQL makes the use of the tool easier in all the different domains

Data becomes a product as it can be easily discovered, understood, and securely used

Web Business Data Shop makes the data discoverable and addressable
Connectors enable easy access to data assets
Data delivery layer provides a powerful and easy-to use foundation for using data as products

Reduced complexity supporting autonomous data consumption through self-serve platform

Data Marketplace provides self-service access to data
Data modeling layer which can be used by business users and can be easily shared
Analytical as well as operational data can be easily combined and used

Healthy and interoperable ecosystem through global rules for federated governance

Unified governance of decentralized data
Security and data protection features as well as row/column level security, data masking are provided within the CData Virtuality
External centralized identity and policy management platforms (such as Colibra) can be easily integrated

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Start your data journey with
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Instant setup. No credit card needed.