CData Acquires Data Virtuality, Modernizing Enterprise Data Virtualization

Semantic Layer for Data Science and Self-Service BI enabled by CData Virtuality

A central data access layer to cleanse, enrich, and govern data for all data consumers.

CData Virtuality enables modern data architectures that democratize the data for business users while meeting strict requirements for security, data governance, and data lineage. Founded on the data virtualization technology, CData Virtuality allows the building of a semantic layer in which data from various sources is made accessible through the virtual schemas and views in SQL.

Thereby, a central data access point is created for all data consumers in a secured and governed environment. The metadata is searchable so business users can easily find and work with the data, even in their web browser.


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Your Key Benefits and Features

Fast and Efficient Data Integration

The federation engine in CData Virtuality empowers you to integrate, cleanse, and enrich the data from multiple sources with standard SQL so your data consumers can easily access and work with the data. A range of different built-in optimization strategies help you to enjoy the best performance and the most efficient use of your resources.

Flexible and Efficient Data Modeling Capabilities

Modeling the data in a virtual context comes with the highest flexibility and lowest maintenance efforts. Based on the virtual views data models can be quickly tested (Rapid Prototyping), adapted to the business needs, and provided in the semantic layer with simple SQL. This also enables you to provide good quality data to your data consumers in a speedy and flexible manner without a lot of effort.

Metadata Catalog

The metadata catalog in CData Virtuality makes the data searchable and downloadable to all business users (depending on their permissions). All data consumers in your organization can access the Business Data Shop in a web browser, which was specifically developed for them to search, access, query, and download the data.

Data Lineage

With the data lineage capabilities in CData Virtuality, you can immediately see all information about the data flow - the source, all queries, the owners, etc. Click on the number for which you’d like to see the data lineage and a dependency graph will receive all necessary metadata to instantly investigate if there is a red flag.

Granular Access Control and Audit

CData Virtuality provides several features to ensure a high level of security, incl. fine-granular permission layer (schema, table, column-, and row-level), built-in user/role-based permission system, and versioning for all custom metadata. This allows you to securely manage sensitive data and to increase efficiency as the users can solely focus on the relevant data as the irrelevant data is not accessible. You can always see who had access to which data or who was modifying the data models.

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Start your data journey with
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Instant setup. No credit card needed.