CData Acquires Data Virtuality, Modernizing Enterprise Data Virtualization

CData Virtuality for Retail and E-Commerce

Create a seamless customer experience for optimized customer acquisition

The pressure for data teams at retailers to support business use cases is high. Customer 360, lean inventory management, personalized customer discounts, data privacy protection. The requests are multi-faceted and the list emerges further. The key lies in a data platform that bridges the data silos across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments, integrates big data, IoT, streaming, etc., and includes data management capabilities for data governance, for instance. This will allow retailers to respond more quickly to business needs and competitive threats, grow faster than their competitors, and deliver innovative products and services.

The Challenges

  • Siloed data and their model and logic
  • Constantly growing and changing data sources: Integration to the existing architecture takes long and the maintenance is cumbersome
  • Cannot quickly adopt to new and changing business use cases
  • Data quality problems and errors
  • Lack of transparency and accountability

The Solution

CData Virtuality uniquely combines automated ETL and data virtualization and thereby creates a central data management layer which enables

  1. central data access from disparate sources,
  2. a unified data modeling layer for the data team, and
  3. data replication capabilities like data historization, master data management and CDC.

Paired with further data management features, it ensures high data quality as well as security, shorter time-to-market cycles (up to 80%) and higher productivity.

Data Virtuality Platform

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Your Key Benefits and Features

  • 360 customer view and lean inventory management through quick and easy data integration capabilities leading to
    • Optimized product mix, pricing, placement, and promotion
    • Effective cross- and upselling
    • Profitable inventories
  • Central data governance and data security layer enabling transparency, accountability, and auditability
  • Unparalleled connectivity, easy integration, and data lineage capabilities to meet the ever increasing regulatory requirements
  • Upgrade the existing data environment to also drive digital use cases
  • Easy integration of different cloud platforms (also with on-premises solutions) in compliance with data protection and security regulations
  • Data-/Metadata catalog with a true self-service data shop, particularly convenient for business users

Customer Case Studies

Swanson Health Products used data virtualization and materialization to drive self-service initiatives which drastically reduced time-to-insights.
By centralizing the data and building a single source of truth platform, Avenso eliminated the bottleneck of data access for the BI team.

Start your data journey with
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Instant setup. No credit card needed.