CData Acquires Data Virtuality, Modernizing Enterprise Data Virtualization

Data Fabric enabled by CData Virtuality

Increase agility and accelerate new and emerging business use cases.

Data Fabric is a popular data architecture concept which enables a dynamic and holistic approach to data management. The ultimate goal of this relatively new concept is to help accelerate new and emerging business use cases by quickly gaining actionable insights with minimal efforts supported by workflow automations and AI-based recommendations. According to Gartner, data fabric “reduces time for integration design by 30%, deployment by 30% and maintenance by 70%” as existing abilities can be re-/used and different data integration styles are combined.

By combining the two technologies, data virtualization and automated ETL, and putting a uniformed metadata layer on top of them, CData Virtuality enables exactly the dynamic and holistic data management architecture needed to transform the data fabric from a concept to reality.


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Your Key Benefits and Features

Better and Faster Time to Integrated Data Delivery

All data sources, whether in private or public cloud or on-premises can be easily integrated with CData Virtuality providing a single layer for data access and delivery. This way, data silos can be eliminated and avoided. Moreover, AI-based recommendation engines analyze the data usage patterns for optimized management processes - which leads to faster time to results.

Managing Heterogeneity

CData Virtuality facilitates lifting data into the cloud and the exchange of data between different storage systems in a hybrid- as well as multi-cloud environment so that current business needs can be easily met. The intelligent connectors within CData Virtuality support complex processes and optimize extract and load jobs of the data - even for large amounts of data.

Metadata Catalog

The metadata catalog in CData Virtuality makes the data searchable and downloadable to all business users (depending on their permissions). All data consumers in your organization can access the Business Data Shop in a web browser, which was specifically developed for them to search, access, query, and download the data.

Data Governance, Data Protection and Security

CData Virtuality provides several features to ensure a high level of security, incl. fine-granular permission layer (schema, table, column-, and row-level), built-in user/role-based permission system, and versioning for all custom metadata. This allows you to securely manage sensitive data and to increase efficiency as the users can solely focus on the relevant data as the irrelevant data is not accessible. You can always see who had access to which data or who was modifying the data models.

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