CData Acquires Data Virtuality, Modernizing Enterprise Data Virtualization

CData Virtuality for Healthcare Providers

Enable operational excellence with an integrative data platform

Healthcare providers are faced with operational challenges that come with severe economical impacts such as high costs due to long wait times, inefficient staff planning, and high staff turnover rates due to high stress and burnouts. Furthermore, the integration of data won through digital health and electronic health/medical records (EHR and EMR) pose another challenge. The solution lies in an integrative data platform that aggregates data from different systems for transparency and automation of workflows. That opens new possibilities such as dashboards that operational teams can use to track patients in real-time and better manage the patient-flow. The results are profound: reduced costs, lower staff turnover rates, and more efficient management/planning of the bed occupancy, to name a few.

The Challenges

  • Aging and complex IT infrastructure that cannot quickly adopt to new and changing business use cases
  • Complex systems that can only be operated by expensive professionals
  • Integration and maintenance of legacy technologies and data silos
  • Missing data integration capabilities to digital sources
  • Data quality problems and errors

The Solution

CData Virtuality uniquely combines automated ETL and data virtualization and thereby creates a central data management layer which enables

  1. central data access from disparate sources,
  2. a unified data modeling layer for the data team, and
  3. data replication capabilities like data historization, master data management and CDC.

Paired with further data management features, it ensures high data quality as well as security, shorter time-to-market cycles (up to 80%) and higher productivity.

Data Virtuality Platform

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Your Key Benefits and Features

  • Quick and easy integration of data from disparate sources leading to 
    • Up to 70% faster time to solution 
    • Better understanding of the patient flow
    • Improved patient care
    • Less wait times for examinations
    • Better management of patient admission
    • Increased patient satisfaction
    • Less stressed staff leading to lower turnover rates
  • Specialized knowledge isn’t needed as the whole platform can be operated with SQL
    • Up to 80% cost reduction
    • Reduced idle times as anybody with SQL knowledge can operate the platform
  • Completely customizable to the needs of the healthcare provider
  • Data governance and data lineage capabilities support compliance with privacy regulations

Customer Case Studies

Swanson Health Products used data virtualization and materialization to drive self-service initiatives which drastically reduced time-to-insights.
By bringing all the different data together for a comprehensive picture, the operational management of patient flow was drastically improved.

Start your data journey with
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Instant setup. No credit card needed.