CData Acquires Data Virtuality, Modernizing Enterprise Data Virtualization

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Learn how Data Virtuality enables you to make your data infrastructure more flexible, scalable and future-proof.

Discover how to overcome data quality challenges and enhance AI/ML projects through Change Data Capture, real-time streaming, and dataset virtualization.
Discover how Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt created a single point of truth (SPOT) with the help of data virtualization software to comply with regulatory requirements and be agile to meet new business requirements. Webinar in German.
Get a business-centric perspective of NYU’s journey towards self-service data with the help of data virtualization.
The session explores five fundamental integration techniques—ETL, data virtualization, CDC, ELT, and streaming—discussing their benefits, limitations, and optimal applications.
In this webinar, we aim to demystify the role of AI in data integration and management. We will clarify common misconceptions regarding business leaders' expectations and help identify AI use cases best suited for various business needs.
Our webinar looks at the intricate dynamics of current market trends such as data fabric and data mesh, and the incorporation of AI-enhanced tools to streamline data integration.
In this on-demand webinar, we look at how a modern data architecture can help data scientists to be faster and to work more efficiently.

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